India Trip, part 6

Thursday we were awoke by texts at about 4:30am, I was concerned about the health status of my boys so I had turned the volume on my phone to on. Only it wasn’t texts from Rhonda, they were from another friend who was concerned about something and she felt that she needed to let me know. With the health of my boys, extended family stuff that we were emailed about late Wednesday night, and some issues going on with my daughter, I didn’t want to have another thing on my plate, so I chose not to read the texts from her. But instead I texted another friend right then and there to please pray for me to able to focus on what the Lord had for me in India and not be so worried about things going on back home.

It was a good thing for me to do, because before I asked for prayer, my heart was heavy and my mind was racing and I was assuming I would not be able to get back to sleep, but after asking for prayer from a person whom I knew would pray for me right then and there, the Lord calmed my heart and mind and I was able to doze off again for about 2 hours, which was good for everyone. HA!

India Trip, part 5

Wednesday morning brought the first day back to school for Aida, so after Chris and David got back from playing another round of soccer, at which David sprained his ankle, they left with Aida to pick up the other girls in their carpool they have set up with other families who are there doing the same kind of work they are.

We also got to meet Sara* and Robert* who are Monica and Chris’ language teachers. Chris’ old language teacher, Kevin*, stopped by to give David and I a rose as a welcome gift. I found that very thoughtful. Susan*, their house helper, also came by in the morning to clean the house.

India Trip, part 4

Tuesday I woke up feeling very refreshed after nearly 12 hours of sleep. I was so surprised that it was 8am when I was stirred awake by my cell phone receiving texts from Rhonda about James having an earache. She wanted to know how we would handle it so he could go to sleep. After filling her in, David and I both headed downstairs to have breakfast and coffee.

It was another family day for us. We took it easy and headed to the community mall for lunch, and to see what it was like. On our way in, we had to walk through metal detectors, and bags and purses were check out by security guards. Once in it looked like any other american multi-story mall, except for the fact that it was open walled. So the stores had walls and doors, but on the two ends of the mall, there weren’t walls, just balcony type areas, just like you’re walking across a bridge.

India 2017 part 3

That Monday started early. Chris and David got up at 6:30am and went to play soccer with the local men’s team while I got up and went down stairs and found Tekoa back in the kitchen working on his lego set, so I sat and I helped him finish it. Monica came down after a little while and she and I had coffee together and waited for the boys to come home, after which she graced us all with omelets for breakfast.

We were able to take the morning kinda slow, just bonding as family, playing with the kids and chit chatting about life. More in depth than can truly take place over Skype or FaceTime. This was about the time that Layani started to realize that “Aunt” Steph isn’t like the other “aunties” she has in India. Aunt Steph actually says no, and follows through with mom and dad’s instructions. So she clung to David off and on that day.

At 11am, after Monica let me raid her closet for a Curta, which is a longer Indian shirt, and David borrowed a button down shirt from Chris, we all loaded up into their car to head to a local village where a dear friend and his family live.

India Trip, part 2

Day two started with continental breakfast at the hotel with a shuttle to Dulles Airport following. When we got there we were able to brighten an information booth guys morning by asking him where we check in with Emirates Airlines, he was so happy to help us, his friendliness made an impact on my morning there at the airport. Going around the corner of the kiosks for checking in, we see this long line of mostly Asian looking folks, that was our first experience of being the minority on our trip, there were many more to come.

India Trip, part 1

"How was your trip to India?"

"What was the best part?"

"How is your family doing over there?"

I can't count how many times those questions have been asked over the past 2 and a half weeks. Too many friends have come to me and said they wanna hear all about it, that I know I'll never have the time to meet with them, even in groups, to talk about it.

So I've awakened our website again.

Join me as I take you along on a recap of our trip. The names of actual locations and real people have been omitted to keep my family and their friends safe.

Back to School

Oh goodness! I can not believe how long it has been since I wrote on here. It seems as if I go through highs and lows of writing to keep this up to date. At one time it was nearly a daily thing for me, HA! Now it's become a yearly thing.

Well, as Fall approaches and school is finally beginning at the Burton Academy, I thought it might be an appropriate time to start up our family site again.

Being a sister...

Nicholas, Taylor, and Christopher

When I was little, I was known as Chris, Nic, and/or Taylor's sister, because I was little and we had to go to every activity that we were involved in, you know because we were siblings.

My Story...

Hi. My name is Stephanie Burton and I have been a Christian most of my life.

For many years I’ve gotten away fairly easily when people would ask me how I became a Christian. “I grew up in a Christian family.” I’d say, and that would be the end of my testimony. Recently I’ve been given the opportunity to hear so many other testimonies from new friends, and they are all so different than mine. I get caught thinking “Oh man, I wish I had that kind of ‘ah ha’ moment.” But the truth is, I never did.

Farewell Facebook!!!

Well, kinda.

On January 31st, I was laying in bed for an hour kicking myself about how much time I wasted that day on the internet, Facebook in particular. So I got up yesterday and made a rash decision to cut Facebook out of my life completely for a month.

Then I received an e-mail later that morning from my Co-leader in my home school coop saying "You really should consult me on these things especially since Facebook is our made mode of communication."


Okay, so I logged back on, and let people know that I wasn't going to be on Facebook unless I was on my coop's group sit, and also telling people to yell at me if they see me logged on.

We'll see how this month goes.

It'll be good for my website, my house, my kids, my homeschooling, my husband and ME.

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