Proud Mama

My son James.
I couldn't be much prouder today. He just turned 3 two weeks ago and this is his 5th day and night in row without wetting the bed or having an accident in his little fire engine underwear!
It gives me such a great feeling that I, with the help of God and David, have done something right in raising our son to work hard at things.

God is So good to our little, but growing family!

The good life...

The kids are playing on the floor with James's new car track, and all of the cars are spread all around the floor. I know that after they are done, James will clean up the track, and I'll send Salah to clean up all the cars. They'll do it aslong as I supervise, then they'll get out the blocks and spread those all around aswell.

I have to make lunch for them in about 2 hours, until then we'll be inside, for it looks like it's going to rain. We may walk to the neighbors house and play inside with the dogs a bit. We'll see.

Life is life, and it is good.

Stinky hot day!!!

Study Hall, 6th period and I can do nothing about the sweat that is rolling down my brow. When the breeze comes in (I believe it has only happened twice today), it feels like a whole new day for just those few moments. Students are hard at work and life is uncomfortable yet peaceful. May the Lord continue to bless our day as we are thankful for the rain.

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