The test results are in...

and we're pregnant with TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just kidding, just kidding, just kidding!

We went in yesterday to the Children’s hospital here in Pittsburgh and got several tests done on Teagan.

The first one was at 8am and it was a CT scan. He was such a good boy; they only had to do one pass to get a clear picture. He lay perfectly still, even the ladies were impressed!

Feelings, nothing but feelings...

that's a song right?


A lot of people have been asking how I'm feeling with Teagan's surgery coming up. Honestly I'm not sure.

Sagittal Craniosyntosis...

... is what Teagan has been diagnosed with.

We went in on Wednesday the 4th to The Childrens Hospital here in Pittsburgh, and it was confirmed by one of the Drs. there.

We'll go in on the 23rd and get a CTscan done, an eye exam (to see if there is any brain pressure), and to meet with the two surgens who would be doing the surgery. We'd then go in on the 3rd of March for the actual surgery. :o(

Please pray for God's peace to be around us now, as well as preparing the surgens hands to take good care of our sons head.

Read more below for the definiton of Sagittal Craniosyntosis.

It's been too long...

Since my last post. I'm sorry about that.

We've had a pretty busy last two months, but that's no excuse. I just haven't taken the time to post about it. So here is our Belated wishes to you:


We had a pretty laid back Thanksgiving. We did two turkeys. One in the oven, and David fried one in peanut oil. They both turned out just wonderfully! I actually felt lazy. We did boxed stuffing and potatos, and we bought a pie and rolls. It didn't really feel like Thanksgiving to me, but hey, I got my turkey! :o)


Teagan just a few minutes old.

Hello All.
We've got great news! Our hansom son arrived last week! November 18, 2008 at 2:25am, Teagan John Burton, 7lbs 9oz, 20in long. He's a cute one! Thanks be to God, everything went great, so thank you all very much for your love, support, and prayers. We will do our best to keep you all up to date with pictures and status as time goes on.

For those of you who would like to know how the day went click read more.


... did not make his appearence on the 10th OR the 11th, as we were told. We're still waiting anxiously for his arrival.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

An interesting read...

I was sent the following link by a friend, and I'd have to say that I agree a lot with the concept and understanding about how the election went, and what our call as Christians is now.


Sarah P for VP...

I wrote a note on my Facebook page with this title, and wanted to hear what other people thought. I tried to express that this was only my opinion and not fact, and that I hadn't done any real research into the topic. But some of the responses I got were from people who took what I said as an attack on them, and what their opinion is.

So here is my note combined with other comments of mine to clearify what I think. Although rereading it I realise it's very "all over the place" and jumps around quite a bit, but the general idea is there and it's in black and white I think :o)

I finally did it...

I placed my first homeschooling curriculum order. It's a big step for me. I had been putting it off, for far too long because I'm scared.

Scared of ruining my kids' desires to learn. Scared of teaching them the wrong things. Scared of what others will think of me. Scared of making my kids 'weird' around other kids.

Ketchup anyone?

We had a very busy day today, as our Thursdays are during the school year. We have MOPS on the 2nd and 4th and Bible Study on the 1st and 3rd.

With it being our first MOPS meeting of the year, we didn't get out of the church until 12:30pm (MOPS ends at 11:30!!!) I had to get groceries on the way home as well so we made a special stop at Wendy's for Lunch off of their $.99 menu. :o)

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