All the waiting by the phone paid off. Chris and Monica get to go the 15th of December to pick up their daughter, Aida, from Ethiopia!!! Talk about a Christmas gift huh???

Speaking of Christmas...

6 years ago...

What happend tonight 6 years ago? read and you'll find out.
ummm I'll take you to the Wednesday that we got out for Thanksgiving break...I got home from school and started cleaning for my brother Nicholas was bring 5 people home with him from Denver Co.

More kids...

Not for us, (yet :o) for our extended family, and friends.

Chris and Monica (My brother and sister-in-law) are by the phone each day, just waiting to get the call from their adoption agency so they can book their flights over to Ethiopia to get their daughter Aida.

Jessica and Brandong (David's sister and brother in law) are expecting a baby girl sometime in April.

DC Pictures...

We're having a little bit of trouble uploading photos to our album, so please check back later. We'll get them up as soon as we can. Thanks.

Washington DC...

October 5th thru the 7th we went to Washington, DC and Fairfax, VA for my cousin, Dave’s, wedding. (look at the album labeled DC Trip to see the photos.)

We drove down on Friday and took the afternoon to site see around the capitol. Our first task was to find parking. We went around the ‘Mall’ at least 3 times before we found a parking spot. Next we got the kids out and into the strollers, and our rollerblades on, and we were off!

Our website...

As you can tell, we've done some updating to our site. We've figured out how to add videos pretty simply, and we've added a 'blog' feature that makes it so you, the reader, can post on our site.

...back from the ZOO

The zoo is so much fun. James, Salah and I had a chance to got to the zoo while mom was away with the baby, and we had a good old time. There is a new Polar bear and sea otter exhibit at the Pittsburgh Zoo and you get to walk under the water tanks (it's very nice on a hot day).

What to write...

 I've been having such a hard time thinking about what to write, it's been a month since I wrote in here and I still don't have a clue. So I decided to dig up something that I wrote in High school.

Shortly after the start of second semester of my Senior year in High school, my Creative Writing class was asked to answer in a journal the question "What is Life?". I just started writing, and this is what came out. (I think that it is my best work, EVER! You be the judge... don't be too harsh you wannabe English teachers!! :o)

Another Birthday...

Today is David's 27th birthday.

I want to get him a pair of sunglasses or a watch, but he's picky about the types of sunglasses and watches that he has. SO what did I do? I told him that he could buy a pair of sunglasses for his birthday... HA HA HA!!! What a gift huh?

 E-mail him and say Happy Birthday!! (click on Contact us)

Big News...

And no we aren't pregnant! :o)

 I feel as though I need to update here, because a lot has changed as of the 27th of last month.

 It's been a real tough past few weeks. David and I have been praying for months about what to do about life here in Pittsburgh, working at the school or finding another job. He had sent out his resume back in late January to a few places to get his name out, but we decided that we should stop sending it out because of him not being able to start at a job until the school years end. David got the next years contract from the school for him to sign, but we put it off as long as we could because of not knowing what to do. The time came when the contract was due, and we hadn't heard from any of the companies, so we decided that the best thing to do was to sign the contract because we didn't have a job lined up.

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