Happy Birthday to me...

It was my 23rd Birthday on Tuesday (thanks for the wishes from those of you who remembered :o), and David took the kids and I to an all you can eat Chinese place (Evergreen Chinese Restaurant, for those restaurant critics out there :o) and then we went to Target and he bought me a watch. I received a pair of Jeans from my mom when she was visiting and a girl charm for the month of November for my 'mom' necklace from the Burton's. Cards and calls from family and wishes on Myspace and Facebook, and ah yes! The 'printed but with text that it looks real' card from our insurance lady. ('oh how touching' while rolling my eyes :o)


Some of the coolest things about being a mom... (more to come, I'M SURE!!)

Getting to play with the 'boy's toys' without them whinning and complaining that I'm a girl, and I can't play with boys things. (thanks for sharing James, maybe your uncles could have been nicer!! :o)

Hearing your two year old say 'bummies' instead of 'bunnies', and 'brrrrrr' for 'birds', and having her want to pick up all the rocks on the cement while walking around the block and take them home so she can show daddy. (turning out just like mom... always needing a translator! :o)

Being right there when your littlest one decides that it is time for her to roll over for one of the first times :o) (seeing the firsts of anything your child does :o)

Oh the Joys of staying at home Motherhood!


I've wanted to write on this subject for a while, but I have felt like there needs to be a bit of elegance in my writing... but after months of trying to put my thoughts into some kind of order, that isn't going to be the case.


So as you can tell, we've once again changed the look of our site. It is a combination of David and I's favorite colors. What more could you ask for huh? 

That is one of the MANY perks about having your own personal website. We change it to what WE want, no following someone else's sketch of what it 'should' look like!

Enjoy the new colors! 


Two Sundays ago, we were getting ready to go to church, and David decided to get some photos of the kids all dressed up. So I thought I'd share them. They were all taken by David and no editing was done. (He enjoys photography :o)




James and Salah

Goofy kids

All three

Let us know what you think :o) (they may seem a bit grainy, but that is only so you don't have to wait a long time for them to upload to your computer -- technical stuff :o)

My mornings...

 Each weekday morning, I get woke up by David's alarm at 6:30ish. I usually am fairly awake from that point on, although some days (like today) I can't seem to stay awake while my husband gets dressed and leaves the room. I told him that I love to be kissed by him before he leaves, and usually I'm awake enough to kiss him back But then there are days that I wake up to his face to my face, and it startles me. Too funny!

So I get Elizamay up each day at 8am. You know the routine 'stretch, yawn smile' But before we go down stairs, we pause at our hallway mirror, and look in it. She sees herself, and she sees me in the mirror, and after we leave the mirror, she looks at me almost seeming like she thinks 'if mom was just on that wall, then who's got me??' Then she realizes that I still have her and all is well yet again.

More Family...

One good thing about living here in PA is that my two older brothers aren't too far away from us. We can all get together every few months and have fun.

 We are blessed to be able to get together with Chris and Monica about every other weekend. But this weekend, Nic and Megan are here. They'll spend a few days with Chris and Monica, and then a day or two with us, then they'll go back home to VA.

Baby sounds and smiles...

I'm SO Blessed!

I have a little boy who just loves doing puzzles, and who enjoys reading to his younger sister, and who can't wait to hold his baby sister whenever I get done feeding her.

Also I have a toddler girl who enjoys rocking her dolls to sleep, and who loves to 'help' mom lift up her baby sister.

And then my youngest... ahhh my youngest.

Potty Training Fun..

So as you know, we are potty training our daughter, Salah. She had her first 'no accident' day on Sunday. WooHoo!! She was even dry through her 3 hour nap!

My goal was to have her out of daytime diapers before #3 came, but that takes a lot of energy and I didn't have any to spare. But she may be out of daytime diapers before she turns two!!! Wouldn't that be great?!

New Look!

We decided that we wanted to share our look of snow with some of you who may haven't gotten any. We hope you like it, and would love to hear what you think of the new colors!


The Burton's 

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