Being a sister...

Nicholas, Taylor, and Christopher

When I was little, I was known as Chris, Nic, and/or Taylor's sister, because I was little and we had to go to every activity that we were involved in, you know because we were siblings.

Then sometime in middle school I became known as Chris and Nic's sister to the girls because: "Oh my gosh!! They are so cute!!", and for Taylor it was "Wow! He screams a lot!!"

I was a tomboy and I would do many of the same activities that they would, including playing paintball, soccer, and wrestling. I wasn't into barbies or playing house, so I was someone cool to hang around with too. (Or at least I like to think I was cool.)

During those years, my brothers had best friends that I would consider my brothers-by-choice, and having those guys around (usually Christians) really helped me hang onto the "boys are really cool to hang out with" mantra and not worry about whether or not boys thought I was pretty.

And in high school it was Chris's reputation as a band geek, both he and Nic were now labeled as "Hot", and my relation to Taylor was not believed because "You two are SOOOOO different!".

I never got into the 'boy-crazy' scene, and so again I was okay to hang out with because of that.

All through those years we fought like cats and dogs inside our house. Arguing and fighting like you wouldn't believe, but when we were out and about you couldn't break us up for anything, and we'd always stick up for each other anywhere we went. We'd always stick up for the little guy and bring the loners into our 'gang' at family reunions and wedding receptions and show them that other people do care and wont always pick on them because they're different. We were taught by our parents that everyone is equal in God's eyes and that we should treat everyone as such.

Though it seemed as though I never was know for just being myself. (I don't even think Taylor, who is younger, was ever known as "Stephanie's brother".) It never really bugged me to be known by them. (Well maybe being "Taylor's sister" bugged me a bit at Camp... :o)

And today? I may not be known to many people as their sister anymore, (and am now David's wife) but boy I am not in any way ashamed to be known by their relationship to me. They are 3 God seeking Christian men, striving to do God's will in their lives.

Thank you Lord for giving me the honor of calling them my brothers!!


from the other side of things...

I am immensely thankful you were their sister then & my sister now.
#Nic's wife

Thanks Megs...

I really like being your sister too!!

And you know how we love you.

I am proud to be blessed with you as a sister. and I was Stephanie's brother in high school.
I love you and thank you. You are being too kind.

Beautiful too.

And I think you are a beautiful woman, both inside and out. Now, for Chris being your brother, that is a great honor for him, I'm sure he agrees. You both are such a great example of brotherly / sisterly love, not only in your home, but in our church family as well. Love you both dearly and I'm sure I would love the others too. Isn't God the best for placing us in the family He knows is best for us. Love you Stephanie...

Thanks, Gayla! Cynthia

Thanks, Gayla!

Good job Sister!! I'm sure

Good job Sister!!
I'm sure they would say the same thing !!!

We are proud to call you our

We are proud to call you our daughter!!!
The boys used to ask us, "Stephanie is so neat,
how come other girls can't be like her?"

And Donna Norton says "Wow!"
Love, Mom & Dad