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make your own pizzas

You can try make your own pizzas with pow biscuits as crusts and then they pick toppings and if you get cheese slices you can use cookie cutters for different shapes...


Lunch time??

I know this might seem weird, but some days, I am at a loss as to what to feed my kids for lunch. I'd love some new ideas! my kids will eat anything, and everything. So feel free to share some ideas, crazy or not I'd love to hear them! Thanks Steph

How about melted cheese

How about melted cheese sandwiches, with lunch meat then cheese; how about ants on a log - peanut butter on celery with raisins on them; even pbj's but cut the sandwiches differently or us a cookie cutter for them; cottage cheese with pineapple, manderin oranges, peaches, a;nd fruit, canned or fresh; use your tortillas for wraps instead of bread; or tuna or chicken salad on saltine crackers for a change.

just something different.